"A photographer needs more than a camera to take a photo. We need all the books we’ve read, all the movies we’ve watched, all the trips we’ve taken, all the music we've listened to, and of course, all the people we've met in this amazing world.”

Meet Victor

Pizza junkie. Digital Design Master. Dogs. Netflix. Roadtrips.. Cold beer. FC Barcelona. Longboards. Vans. Chet Faker. Forests. 4:20. Sunday Dates. HIMYM. Shity Coffee. Typographies. 4:20. Yellow M&M's. Jazz.



I don't believe in the idea of a "second shooter"; I'm more in to giving creative freedom to the photographer who’s helping with the event. This way of working allows me to receive photographers for shorts stays in order to shoot together, learn about their relation with the clients, exchange tips and learn new post-production techniques.


The golden rule is even more golden in photography: "You're only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with". For this reason I've tried to work with people I admire which has helped me become a better photographer. In past years I've had the honour to work with some amazing talents from Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Sweden and the USA.

Why Cheesiness?

If you're a couple that would like to be photographed in a relaxed and informal way, Cheesiness is your best option. We guarantee to capture everything; your nervous jitters, the final result of all those Pinterest tutorials you tried, the moment your dad starts crying, those friends that finally kiss for the first time, and every single detail that makes your wedding day so special. From the way we see it, the only way to get those pictures is by becoming good friends with the couple, and that's why we try to connect with every single guest at the event.


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